La Prima

About Us

Villa De La Prima is one of Jordan’s flagship fashion design houses that boasts a wide selection of haute couture wedding and engagement dresses and eveningwear. At La Prima, we understand the wedding industry and everything wedding all too well. We know what a perfect dress looks like and we know how to design it for you, making the transition from a dream-like wedding into reality possible. Embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, colorful rhinestones, glittering accessories and tiaras, and long-tail veils, the perfect wedding dress has never been easier to find and create. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a wedding dress can give a thousand statements. Our experts of tailors and seamstresses will share with you their knowledge and experience through our one-on-one fashion consultancy service delivered in-house to make sure that you leave with THE wedding dress that fits your dream wedding. With their support and consultation, rest assured that your La Prima dress will raise eyebrows and turn heads to help you give the statement of a lifetime and the statement you deserve. Whether our La Prima client is getting married, getting engaged, or attending an important event, she has to make a statement whenever she enters the room, and with our wide collections, creative designs, variety of styles, and our expertise in what suites every woman’s taste and fantasy, we can make this happen. La Prima brand, which offers a wide selection of choices from its creative collections year on year, is not only a household name, but also a story of success for Jordanian designers, local entrepreneurs and artists who have established a regional foothold in the wedding industry earning a reputation for creative workmanship, quality designs and top talent.

This is how we Started and Where we are Going

Ali Abu Kalam started his journey by opening a small fabric and textile shop in the heart of the city in downtown Amman in 1940.He was among the first to establish a business as a re-tailor and distributor of designer fabrics and textiles and was quick to rise through the ranks of the industry locally and regionally.


Ali Abu Kalam’s grandfather was one of the first merchants in textile in Amman.


The father ADNAN ABU KALAM grew the business and expanded it.


A young Entepreneur ALI ABU KALAM founded LA PRIMA, He was determined to be part of the fashion industry.


LA PRIMA became part of the well known textiles and Haute Couture design in AMMAN


Ready to Wear And Bridal Gowns collections were added to La Prima.


The Famous Villa De LA PRIMA was inaugurated , where the Workshop, Studio, The Ready To Wear & Couture Showroom are located


We expanded our limitation in opening a line in our Haute Couture branch in SWIEFIA.

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